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watermelonWatermelon • Dalia Vicente

Software engineer, tired of the monotony and the lifestyle of the big city (Madrid, in this case) and moved by a personal situation, I decided to leave everything and make some changes.

So, little by little, I became interested in nutrition and I become healthier. I’ve never been very fond of chemicals, as well I began to be aware of the importance of nutrition in many of the diseases that we are suffering today, and so, I had more desire to know and learn about it.

Then I went to live in Mexico, what a beautiful country!! and, what a richer fruits !!!! (Mmm …). I learned a lot more about all this search power which in turn merged with my inner search.

And now, back in Spain, eager to learn and to share it with you 😀 so that’s why “Watermelon” born.

If I had to define myself right now, it would be like…

“Explorer of happiness, amateur photographer, passionate about healthy eating, sports, animals and much more, but especially in love with life.”

My background:

  • Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics  (University: UI1 • In process)
  • Expert in Natural and Holistic Nutrition  (Instituto Holístico de Higiene Vital • In process)
  • Child Nutrition and Cooking  (Stanford University (Coursera) • 2014)
  • Science Computer Engineer  (University: Pontificia de Salamanca • 2007)
  • Bachelor of Science Computing and Information Technology  (North East Wales Institute of Higher Education • 2007)

If you want to know more about me here you have me too www.daliavicente.com 😉

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